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Fantasy Eyelashes

Fantasy eyelashes

Fantastic fantasy eyelashes for you. Eyelashes with feathers, jewels, stars and even daisies are here for you in this section.

Choose your weapons and party!

Eyelash Grimas 165 Flanna - red spotted black feather fancy max 24mm


Eyelash Grimas 228 Amitola - big shiny rainbow max 16mm


Great big shiny rainbow lashes with gold highlights..

Eyelash Grimas 230 Ruby - big red and gold max 15mm


Great big shiny red lashes with gold highlights..

Eyelash Grimas 232 Annette - little shiny balls


Black lashes with shiny ball ends..

Eyelash Grimas 235 Raniya - big red metallic max 16mm


Great shiny red lashes with metallic highlights..

Eyelash Grimas 237 Yvonne - yellow and green


Big green and yellow lashes..

Eyelash Grimas 261 Charlene - shiny black with silver holograms


Shiny black lashes with silverhologram highlights..

Eyelash Grimas 262 Charlotte - spiky black and silver max 17mm


Spiky black lashes with silver highlights..

Eyelash Grimas 264 Cynthia - shiny black separated max 11mm


Shiny black separated by UV glow in the dark lashes..

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