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Fantasy Eyelashes

Fantasy eyelashes

Fantastic fantasy eyelashes for you. Eyelashes with feathers, jewels, stars and even daisies are here for you in this section.

Choose your weapons and party!

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Eyelash GR106 Lush Dusty - full black max 20mm


Big black bushy eyelashes for panto dame or drag queen ..

Eyelash GR150 Dolly - criss-cross with feathers


Black criss-crosses with feather extensions ..

Eyelash GR152 Emma - long separated max 19mm


Stunning fine feathery black lashes..

Eyelash GR154 Su - green swirled wings max 30mm


Black and green swirling lashes..

Eyelash GR155 Gloria - pink swirled wings with feathers max 30mm


Pink and black swirling lashes with feathers ..

Eyelash GR158 Sally - yellow swirls max 26mm


Yellow and black swirling lashes with feathers..

Eyelash GR159 Sandra - criss-cross swirls with purple feathers


Amazing criss-cross swirls with purple feathers..

Eyelash GR160 Stephanie - pink feather max 22mm


Bright pink feather lashes ..

Eyelash GR161 Karen - feather swirl max 15mm


Black feather swirling lashes..

Eyelash GR220 Coraline - very big pink max 24mm


Big pink eyelashes for panto dame or drag queen ..

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