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Fashion Eyelashes

Fashion eyelashes

High fashion eyelashes for your catwalk debut, bridal makeup or just for having fun!

Eyelash Grimas 236 Janet - red silver and blue max 13mm


Great big shiny patriotic lashes with UV glow in the dark!..

Eyelash Grimas 263 Chiara - soft crossover max 14mm


Light criss-cross lashes in black..

Eyelash Grimas 285 Gaynor - big black with purple max 25mm


Very big black eyelashes with purple highlights..

Eyelash Grimas 295 Julia - black and gold spectacular max 13mm


Spectacular spikes with gold ornamentation..

Eyelash Grimas 302 Claris - long thin


Long black, light eyelashes with diamantes..

Eyelash Grimas 303 Babette - small separated max 12mm


Eyelash Grimas 304 Hannah - small criss-cross max 8mm


Small, black, criss-cross and jeweled!..

Eyelash Grimas 305 Eirian - silver diamante max 10mm


Long silver hologram, light eyelashes with diamantes..

Eyelash Grimas 306 Edwina - fine criss-cross


Fine black criss-cross eyelashes..

Eyelash Grimas 309 Jay - speckled black max 12mm


Soft black speckled eyelashes with rainbow inserts..

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