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How to apply false eyelashes

If you have never done it before, applying false eyelashes can seem a little daunting.  Don't worry. Give your self plenty of time and work in a good light.

Start by measuring the eyelashes to make sure they are the right width. You do this by taking an eyelash out of the box and temporarily attaching it without glue. The eyelashes don't go right into the corner of your eye.  Leave a gap like like the one in the picture.  If you don't leave a gap, the eyelashes will look artificial and they will be flicking aginst your nose all evening!

Apply the false eyelash and check to see if there is any excess width to trim off.  Cut any excess width off with scissors. Do the same for the other eyelash. If there is any doubt, it is better to make the eyelashes a bit too narrow than too wide.

Eyelash adhesive is white to start with and goes transparent as it dries. This helps you see how long you have to adjust the eyelash.  Start by putting some eyelash adhesive on the back of your hand or a small piece of card or plastic. Pick up a small amount of adhesive with the point of a spatula or the handle of a small brush and apply it along the false eyelash edge. It's easier to do it this way than use the adhesive straight from the tube. Use a little extra eyelash adhesive for the innermost and outermost ends. Wait around 60 seconds for the adhesive to start to get tacky.  If you try to apply the eyelash too soon it will skid around and be difficult to place properly.

Apply the false eyelash from the inside outwards using fingers or tweezers and get the band as close as you can to the root of your own eyelashes. You can reposition the eyelash as long as the adhesive stays white.

Once your false eyelashes are in the right place, you can blend them in with your own lashes using a curler or a dry mascara brush.  Do check to make sure you have both eyes the same.  It looks a bit odd if one eyelash curls up more than the other.

When you want to remove the false eyelashes, peel them carefully from one end. The dried adhesive will stay attached to the false eyelash. Clean your eyelids area with cleansing milk, cleansing lotion or makeup remover.

Provided they have not been stretched out of shape, you can re-use the eyelashes. Use a fingernail or plastic scraper to loosen the dried adhesive from the eyelashes and put then back in the box for safe keeping.put the eyelashes back in the box to keep them safe

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