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Real Hair Eyelashes

Real hair eyelashes

Real hair is used for these beautiful false eyelashes, making them super soft and natural looking. Plenty of different styles from the finest delicate lashes to the heavy seduction jobs!

Eyelash Grimas 101 Gemma - lite normal lash max 10mm


Light weight real hair eyelashes..

Eyelash Grimas 102 Gillian - full stage max 16mm


Fuller real hair lash for stage wear..

Eyelash Grimas 103 Gracie - fine criss-cross max 12mm


Fine black real hair criss-cross eyelashes..

Eyelash Grimas 104 Gladys - fine lower lash max 7mm


Light weight real hair lower lid eyelashes..

Eyelash Grimas 105 Shirley - multi-length max 14mm


Multi-length real hair eyelashes..

Eyelash Grimas 107 Dorothy - delicate multi-length


Delicate black multi-length real hair eyelashes..

Eyelash Grimas 108 Elaine - long multi-length


Long, black, multi-length real hair lashes..

Eyelash Grimas 109 Sue - light lower lash max 4mm


Light, black real hair lower lashes..

Eyelash Grimas 111 Andrea - lite tapered


Fine, tapered, real hair eyelashes..

Eyelash Grimas 112 Belinda - lush multi-length max 15mm


Luscious multi-length real hair eyelashes..

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