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Swirled Eyelashes

Swirled eyelashes

Super swirly eyelashes in a huge range of colours and styles!

Eyelash GR233 May black swirls max 22mm


Delicate black swirling lashes ..

Eyelash GR234 Suriana - swirls


Super swirly natural brown eyelashes..

Eyelash GR251 Ella - soft shiny swirls max 30mm


Soft, shiny, black swirling eyelashes ..

Eyelash GR253 Amanda - bi-colour soft swirls


Black and white soft swirling lashes ..

Eyelash GR258 Ann - soft 2 tone swirls


Long black and white swirling lashes ..

Eyelash GR260 Caroline - soft red and black swirls


Softly swirling red and black lashes ..

Eyelash GR269 Lesna - red blue and green swirl


Marvellous multi colour soft swirls..

Eyelash GR320 Eleanor - criss-cross inward swirl max 40mm


Black criss-cross inward swirl lashes..

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